Art Effects - PhotoFunEditor

Art Effects - PhotoFunEditor

Photo Fun Editor - Art Effects

Picture Editor (Photo Fun Editor - Art Effects) contains more than 50 high quality photo filters. Photo effects - comics, sketch, portrait, lightning, smoke, fire, matrix, sunrise, noon, neon, disco, stranger asbraktsiya and many others!

You can take a picture on the camera or select a photo from the gallery - then just select filter and the result desired photo is ready! Make selfie photos and apply a variety of filters, post on Facebook, intsagram, surprise your friends new facets of your photo skills.


* Ease of use.

* Simple and user-friendly design.

Large selection of photo filters

* A regularly updated collection has a photo filters.

* Adjust the degree of the filter photos.

* HD quality photo filters.

* Mnozhetsvo filters no analogues in other applications.

* Quickly create photo effects.

* The constant adding and improving features of the application.